“Staying Fit From the Convenience of Your Home Is Much Easier With BurnCal”, says Apurva Parikh

Jul 29, 2021
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Lockdowns during the pandemic have been posing many restrictions on staying indoors as it is the only way to contain the spread of coronavirus. This has drastically reduced our physical activity levels. Limited exposure to nature has led to many mental disorders like anxiety, a hike in irritation levels, and even depression.

As gyms and other fitness centers remained closed for quite some time, many of us couldn’t continue our regular workouts. Even post lockdown, the attendance in the gyms and fitness classes has thinned considerably as many still do not feel it safe to work out in public.

The consequences are severe. Many of us have been complaining of physical ailments and mental instability. The solution is to engage ourselves in some sort of physical activity and home workouts are the safest way to keep ourselves fit.

Here’s Apurva Parikh’s story of how BurnCal helped him tackle the situation and motivated him to work out regularly at the convenience of home under the guidance of a personal coach.

Life Before Joining BurnCal

Apurva is 48 and is a businessman. He has been conscious about staying fit and has been going to the gym on and off. He loves running and has participated in half marathons for 7 years. What he lacked was consistency. He could never follow a workout routine and consequently, the results were not satisfactory. Due to the pandemic, he stopped going to the gym. However, sometimes he could manage to go for a run, but there was a very long break from regular workouts.

The Fitness Journey Begins...

Amidst busy schedules at work, hitting the gym regularly was a challenge for him. “I never really felt motivated to go to the gym, rather always looked forward to exercising at home”, says Apurva.

It was at that time he got to know about BurnCal. The idea of a technology-backed online fitness app caught his attention and he took the fitness assessment test.

Post assessment, he was mapped to his personal fitness coach and this was the beginning of his fitness journey.

Apurva’s Transformation Journey

“Life is much easier when you have access to your personal fitness coach 24*7”, says Apurva. “Unlike at the gym, where I had to wait for the trainer, I now have a personal coach who is just a call or message away”, he adds.

The fact that he can now work out from home under the supervision of a personal trainer has motivated him to work out regularly. He feels fit and stays active throughout the day. He is now eating healthy and at regular times as per his diet plan suggested by his BurnCal Coach. This has improved his gut health significantly.

“Quality of life has improved a lot. Morning workouts energize me. I can now sleep better and wake up afresh. I feel good about myself and my relationships with family and friends have improved a lot. Even at work, I can concentrate better now”, says Apurva.

He suffered both physically as well as mentally during the pandemic. He got infected by the coronavirus and business challenges due to the changed market scenario added to his stress levels. “Thanks to the regular meditation sessions at BurnCal. It helped me immensely to overcome my anxiety”, says he.

The Contribution of His Coach Megha Telang Towards His Fitness Goals

“Working out at the gym without a personal trainer is not very helpful. However, with Megha things are pretty different”, claims Apurva.

“The way Megha motivates me to do my workouts regularly is really inspiring. The weekly talks on my progress are quite engaging. It motivates me to work hard to achieve my fitness goals. My diet and measurements are monitored weekly and she also guides me with my workouts. The special attention given to every small detail right from correct posture during workouts to the extent I have followed the suggested diet plan is highly commendable”, says Apurva.

He is also very satisfied with the personalized workout plan designed by his coach that includes a balance of strength and cardio workouts. The fact that his past injuries were also taken into consideration while making the workout plan boosted his trust in his coach.

What Coach Megha Has to Say About Apurva

Apurva is one of the dedicated members at BurnCal. He doesn't restrict himself to any exercise and is always young at heart. He loves to challenge his body with difficult moves and exercises. Despite being 80 kg, he does diamond and pike push-ups, which is really appreciable.

“He's aiming to start running marathons again and training to gain all strength for it. Simply love his attitude and energy for his health. Apurva is highly dedicated to his fitness goals”, says Megha.

How Apurva Feels About BurnCal

Apurva says, “the best thing about BurnCal is the personalization factor. The ease that I have my calendar ready on the app and get to know what’s in store for me the next week leads to the adrenaline rush. This makes me look forward to my fitness journey enthusiastically.”

What Apurva also likes about BurnCal is the privilege to work out at home at his convenient time under the guidance of a personal coach. He also appreciates the fact that he can reach his coach over calls and messages to resolve his quick queries.

Apurva’s Secret to a Healthy Life

“We must be self-motivated to lead a healthy life. Eat right, exercise regularly, and meditate to be healthy and happy. Being healthy and happy keeps you away from anxiety”, says Apurva.  

He also emphasizes the importance of having a coach who could guide us to our fitness goals and motivates us to be consistent.

It’s been 3 months now, and Apurva looks forward to a long association with BurnCal. “I have taken a 6-month subscription and have also convinced my daughter to join BurnCal”, says he.

If you too look forward to an online fitness platform that would help in your transformation journey, join BurnCal and be a part of our community of 2500+ members.

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