Revealing parameters of Fitness Assessment

Chetan Reddy
Jan 13, 2021
2 min read

Hi guys. In my previous blog, I have emphasized how fitness assessment should be our first step in the fitness journey.

In this article we will go into further depth of various parameters involved in fitness assessment and also address some of the questions I received on my previous blog:

1) “Okay, we get it! But how do you do it online?”

2) “How do you even assess me?”

3) “What would the results contain?”

Traditionally, fitness assessment is done in-person or not done at all as people tend to ignore SCIENCE at the cost of SPEED.

But thanks to COVID-19, the entire fitness industry is moving online. People have started seeking solutions that offer CONVENIENCE along with speed. But in the process, people might opt for workout routines or follow videos that might not be right for them.

How do we ensure that the new workout plans are customized as per our current fitness ability?

So naturally, fitness assessment has become a key aspect to offer the ultimate personalization to people working out both online and offline.

Let me re-quote the statement from my previous blog:

“By learning what our body is capable of doing now, we will be able to see how much better we have gotten a few months down the road. This would ensure we are able to track progress regularly keeping our motivation extremely high”

So, what are the key parameters that need to be assessed before making a fitness plan?

Here they are:

1) Muscular Strength and Endurance

2) Cardiovascular Endurance

3) Flexibility

4) Mobility

5) Balance

We are only as strong as our weakest link.

If we are really weak with any one of these parameters and are not actively working on improving that, we will end up hitting a plateau before making significant progress. A plateau could be an injury or loss of motivation due to lack of results.

Hence, it is important to first know where we stand with each of these parameters and actively work on the ones which we are weak at. It is also very important to ensure we are working on these individual parameters in balance so that our journey towards our aspirations become more STREAMLINED and SUSTAINABLE.

If we look at any successful athletes or fitness icons they ensure that they are aware of where they stand with each of these parameters and are consciously working on them in balance. There.. you have the secret behind a successful fitness journey now!

Are you eager to know where you stand with these parameters?

At BurnCal, after carefully reading a lot of scientific materials on fitness assessment, we have designed a group of exercises that would help us assess these parameters.

And keeping in mind the current scenario, we have designed the program such that it can be done completely ONLINE.

If this is something that excites you and if you are partially convinced that assessment is your first step, do sign up!

We will let you know the next steps once you have signed up with us.

You might be wondering about the role of each of these parameters in your fitness journey. I would be explaining them in detail in the upcoming blogs.