Do You Feel Lack of Motivation is the Main Culprit for Not Exercising? Think Again

“Fitness is a journey not a destination”

I’m feeling too lazy. I’ll start working out from tomorrow. It’s cold outside, and my bed is cozy. Haven’t we told this to ourselves before? How many times have we fallen off the fitness wagon and find it difficult to get on track?

Globally $3.5 trillion is spent to cure diseases caused due to poor lifestyle. Comparatively, only $100 billion (i.e. less than 3%) is spent on fitness solutions. In India, only less than 10% of people get exercise on a regular basis. These numbers are not just alarming but represents a fundamental flaw with the mind-set people have regarding fitness.

So, what is the problem with fitness?

Well, we get motivated to workout from watching the body of a movie star or personal trainer. The problem is that when we look at these perfect bodies, we often start idealizing them. We make that into a destination we want to reach. How many times have we heard a trainer telling us — I will help you reach your fitness goals!

When we start the fitness journey, we often don’t come anywhere close to the destination or we realize the destination is unreachable. Motivation fails, excuses wins!

Let’s remedy that, shall we?

Firstly, we must understand that no two bodies are alike. Everybody has their own fitness journey. Fitness must become a part of lifestyle of people where we think of it as a journey rather than a destination.

How are we solving this problem at BurnCal?

Well we have a 3-part approach which will surely help people to make fitness a part of their lifestyle.

1. Get connected to a certified Personal Trainer

This is the most important step. Having an expert with you who not just understands the science behind fitness but a friend who also holds you accountable along the way is critical part of your fitness journey.

Conventionally, personal trainers were not easily accessible and came with a steep price tag. But with the recent digitization of fitness industry, personal trainers can be easily accessed from a phone or laptop and come with a significantly affordable price tag.

The best thing is that even when we are travelling, our personal trainer remains in touch and provides workout which can be done from a hotel room. They also suggest what to avoid in terms of food when travelling. How convenient!

2. Get HIGHLY personalized workout and nutrition plan

Your personal trainer does a comprehensive assessment to understand your body. Moreover, they understand your specific needs such as staying motivated at work or running a full marathon. Based on this information, they design a highly personalized workout and nutrition plan. When it comes to diet and fitness, it is essential to find what works for you. You may come across many exercise regimes or diet types, but not all might suit you. Your personal trainer helps you identify what works for you the most.

Besides, you have the freedom to do activities you enjoy. If you cringe at the thought of going to a gym, you don’t have to join one. There are plenty ways to stay fit.

3. Track Your Progress

The last and final step to stay on track in your fitness journey is to measure your progress. You might not see a reduction in your waist size or biceps width in the span of one a month, but a periodic assessment will make you aware of the incremental changes in your body. For example, reducing your time to run 1 km from 10 minutes to 8 minutes improves your cardiovascular efficiency. Even if aesthetics remains constant, you still become objectively fitter. With the help of technology, your workouts can be constantly monitored, and progress can be automatically tracked without any human intervention.

Tracking your progress will not just help you see the incremental changes in your fitness ability but also help your personal trainer modify your workout and nutrition plan on a periodic basis.

Final Thoughts

We at BurnCal aim to help you with personalized workouts, track your progress, and make you accountable throughout your fitness journey.

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