“It is Possible to Stay Healthy by Working Out at Home if You Have BurnCal as Your Fitness Partner”, says Nilesh

10 Apr 2022
4 min read

It happens with the best of us, you know.

John bought a new pair of track pants and sneakers. Set an alarm of 5 in the morning to go for a run. And, ended up snoozing and finally putting off the alarm. The sneakers are still waiting to kiss the track!

Anuradha joined weekend Zumba classes. Went to the classes enthusiastically for the first two weeks, in the third week went only on Saturday, and bunked the fourth week.

Salman took a gym subscription (as he aspired to have a physique of Salman Khan, wink;) ). He religiously hit the gym for the first two weeks. But slowly found it difficult to make it every day.

Seems relatable?

Well, John, Anuradha, and Salman (names changed, of course) are not alone. Many of us sail the same boat. Agreed? What’s the solution then? Well, how about working out from the convenience of your home under the supervision of professional fitness coaches to stay fit and healthy? It helped Nilesh Ghonasgi to be on his fitness track and get amazing results. Read on to know about his exciting fitness journey with BurnCal.

Life Before Joining BurnCal

Nilesh is a professor. He always had the zeal to be fit and healthy. This made him join a gym. But his lifestyle didn’t support his regular visits to the gym as he would travel frequently. “I thought nothing could happen with my kind of lifestyle and lost all hope. It was then one of my friends introduced me to BurnCal”, recalls Nilesh.

Nilesh’s Fitness Journey

The fact that I can work out from anywhere, anytime intrigued me to join BurnCal. And secondly, the personalization factor, where I get the privilege of interacting with a personal fitness coach was an added advantage. Another factor that added to the attraction was the customization factor, where my coach chalked out a tailored diet and workout plan that’s just right for me.

Changes Experienced

Nilesh finds the experience awesome. “I feel much better nowadays as I am slowly getting into shape and my clothes fit better. I have also lost 4 kgs. The best part is I am free from the hassle of commuting to the gym. This adds to my consistency. My workouts are customized in a way that I am working out each and every part of my body and that makes me feel healthier overall.

As I am exercising regularly, I have an improved appetite. I eat right and sleep well. My sleep score is gradually improving. This keeps me jovial and I am comparatively less stressed. My heart rate has also gone down drastically and I don’t feel shortness of breath during my workouts. I am much more energetic and a lot more productive these days. Thanks to Burncal! The experience has helped me have a positive outlook towards life”, shares Nilesh.

Coach Megha’s contribution to Nilesh’s Fitness Journey

I am the kind of person who requires constant nudges to carry on my fitness journey. And Megha does the needful. She has been an awesome coach. She keeps motivating me and gives personal attention to every minute detail. She is always approachable; just a call or message away. She is always ready to accommodate any changes in my workout plan which gives me the flexibility to work out as per my health status and prevents me from being inconsistent. I must say, without her support this journey would not have been possible.

A Piece of Advice from Nilesh to All the Fitness Enthusiasts

Nilesh has been a consistent BurnCal player and is navigating through his fitness journey extremely well.

Here’s a piece of advice from Nilesh. “Do not be obsessed about hitting the gym or have short-term goals like losing weight. Rather focus on holistic fitness. Be consistent with your workouts, eat right and sleep well. Let fitness be an integral part of your lifestyle.”

I hope Nilesh’s story motivates you to embark on your fitness journey. And we are there to handhold you through it. Get in touch with our elite fitness coaches to get the most personalized fitness experience ever. 

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