How Personal Coaching Is Helping Soumya Build Healthy Habits

Dec 13, 2021
4 min read

Who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy? But, finding time for self-care in today’s fast-paced life seems to be difficult right? Catching up with project deadlines, attending to family priorities and many other things keep us occupied. Whatever “me-time” we steal out from the other engagements is spent scrolling through our mobile feeds or watching Netflix.

Seems relatable right? The same was the case with our BurnCal member, Soumya. Let’s explore how Soumya managed to embark on her fitness journey and build healthy habits.

Life Before Joining BurnCal

Soumya is 23 and is a working professional. She has a hectic work schedule which keeps her glued to her workstation for 8-10 hours.

Before joining BurnCal, Soumya couldn’t find time for herself and didn’t lead a healthy lifestyle. “I was not taking good care of myself, not eating right, not sleeping well, and never indulged in any physical activity. Even after my work hours, I would sit on my personal laptop or scroll through my mobile feed to relax”, says Soumya.

What Intrigued Soumya to Join BurnCal

The zeal to be fit and healthy was always there. So, Soumya was looking for a fitness solution that offered one-on-one guidance from an expert coach, flexible timings, and the convenience of working out from home. During her search, she got to know about us through a social media platform.  

“When I interacted with the team and got to know about the offerings, I felt this is what I was looking for. It was BurnCal’s holistic approach that caught my attention and intrigued me to kickstart my fitness journey with BurnCal”, recalls Soumya.

Changes Experienced

“My BurnCal coach has made me realize the importance of self-care and instilled in me the zeal to be disciplined and consistent with my fitness regime. I am now more conscious about my overall well-being”, claims Soumya.

Before joining BurnCal, Soumya was never particular about her eating and had no regular meal times. She used to simply grab something to eat while at work and would eat outside around 2-3 times a week. Her diet included parathas, sandwiches, and loads of coffee which lead to disrupted sleep.

Upon joining BurnCal, Soumya has become more mindful of her eating habits. She ensures a healthy diet and has also cut down on her late-night coffee doses. She tries her best to stick to the diet plan suggested by her coach and doesn’t eat out frequently.

Regular workouts are also a part of her daily routine now. “I used to hardly go out and also wasn’t much active at home. Initially, it was a stress factor for me to include workouts in my daily schedule and I could hardly manage working out twice or thrice a week. But, now I have started working out regularly and ensure to exercise 5 days every week. I am also focusing on going to bed on time and waking up early so that I can finish my workouts before office hours and organize my day better”, says Soumya.

Over time, Soumya has experienced good progress in her workout intensity as well. She enjoys her warm-up session thoroughly and loves squatting. She has gradually scaled the number of reps for some of her exercises and is building endurance. She has also lost 3 kg in just 40 days.

“My overall experience so far has been good. I am more aware now and gradually building healthy habits. This has helped me reduce my stress levels and increased my stamina”, says Soumya cheerfully.

Contribution of Coach Megha Telang in Her Fitness Journey

“Megha’s contribution to my progress is impeccable. She is a great coach who inspires me to focus on my fitness goals. Her regular check-ins help me stay accountable and stick to my diet and workout plan. She is always approachable and I can always count on her whenever I need any assistance on food or workout. I am really happy to have her as my coach”, says Soumya.

What Coach Megha Telang Has to Say About Soumya

Soumya is very dedicated to her workouts. Though, in the initial days, it was very difficult to set a workout routine for her due to her hectic work schedule. But she has made it work, upon realizing the importance of workouts. Initially, she had a very low appetite and was asked to eat forcefully but now her relationship with food has improved immensely. Her approach towards fitness has completely changed and she feels more positive about life. She prioritizes working out amidst other engagements and eats her food mindfully without any screen usage.

Soumya’s Fitness Mantra

“Fitness is not a short-term thing. It is as essential as breathing. To live a healthy life, we have to make fitness a habit and keep at it. There is no shortcut and one needs to be persistent”, says Soumya.

Consistency is the key factor that has made a difference in her life. Being disciplined and mindful is significantly contributing to her fitness journey. “Do not let dull days or laziness drag you behind.

“The secret mantra is ‘What may come, you must show up’. Discuss your inhibitions with your coach, if any, and make sure nothing lets you down”, says Soumya.

Soumya is marching confidently towards her fitness goals. What about you?

If you are inspired by Soumya’s story and want to build healthy habits to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, get in touch with our expert fitness coaches now.