“Having a Structured Approach Towards Fitness Helps Me Stay Consistent”, says Himanshu

15 Mar 2022
5 min read

Let’s admit it. Priorities change with age, be it personal or professional. And health and fitness goals are no exception. As you age, rather than doing random stuff, you look for a more structured approach and aim at a sustainable solution to make fitness an integral part of your life.

BurnCal member Himanshu Muchhal’s story is a testimony to this. Explore his fitness journey with BurnCal.

Life Before Joining BurnCal

Himanshu has always been a fitness enthusiast. He has been moving around in whichever way possible to keep himself fit, be it playing football, going for a run, trying workouts from the internet, or even joining the gym. What he lacked was a well-designed and structured approach towards fitness. 

It was only recently when he moved into his 30s, he planned to have a sincere approach towards health and fitness.

Himanshu’s Fitness Journey

“I was looking for a platform that could help me with a comprehensive, structured, and sustainable health and fitness plan. I got to know about BurnCal through social media and took the 15-day free trial. It was a great experience and I joined the BurnCal folk”, recalls Himanshu.

He embarked on his fitness journey in November 2021 and has been very consistent throughout. His coach Ram has helped him with a sorted and customized diet and workout plan which he finds to be very convenient and it motivates him to be consistent with his fitness regime. 

Changes Experienced

Himanshu aims to maintain a healthy weight, a lean and fit body, and build endurance. He has been making sincere efforts on these lines and is happy that the hard work is already showing results. “I am glad about my progress. I feel more energetic nowadays and have gradually scaled my daily workout reps. I even clock my usual 5K run in comparatively less time these days and have built on my endurance significantly. Even my clothes fit better which boosts my confidence and motivates me to strive”, mentions Himanshu.

He is also happy about his diet as he could bring about some much-required changes. He cuts off on sugar and includes whey protein in his diet regularly. Also, he has considerably reduced snacking and prefers to go for healthy alternatives like smoothies to satiate his mid-meal cravings.

“The best part is I don’t need to break my head thinking about what to eat and how to indulge in physical activities. My coach takes care of it and I just need to follow the plan. No doubt, BurnCal has made my life easy, and working towards my health goals doesn’t need any extra effort”, claims Himanshu.

Coach Ram’s Contribution to Himanshu’s Fitness Journey

Coach Ram has been a true accountability partner in my fitness journey. He spends time with me discussing my goals, my preferences, and convenience and chalks out a plan that is just right for me. Even on the days, I am traveling to meet my office commitments, he makes necessary changes in my workout plan so that I don’t need to miss it. I must say, I truly cherish this personalized touch.

The days I miss my workouts (only a few days though so far), I get a gentle nudge from Ram, that motivates me to stay consistent. The blend of personalization and constant support from my coach has helped me a lot through my fitness journey and inspired me to give my best.

Himanshu’s Fitness Mantra

Apart from BurnCal, my wife has been a great motivation for me in pursuing my fitness journey and staying consistent, which I feel is the key to my success. It has been a fantastic journey so far and I look forward to taking up new fitness challenges and scaling the intensity of my workouts. Woah! What confidence.

I am sure Himanshu’s story has inspired you to head off on your fitness journey. So, what are you waiting for? Get started under the supervision of world-class fitness coaches at BurnCal and have a rocking fitness journey ahead.

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Highlights at a glance:

  • Following the diet and workout plans religiously
  • Discussing alternatives with the coach to avoid missing workouts 
  • Having a structured approach, be it diet or exercises
  • Going for a run or playing a sport on weekends to maintain the flow
  • Checking on the sugar intake and restricting from mid-meal snacking