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Chetan Reddy
Jan 5, 2021
3 min read

When you want to start your fitness journey you are often faced with the following issues:

1) How do I know what is the right exercise plan for me?

2) How to modify my plan to achieve what I aim for?

3) What is the weight I should be lifting or distance I should be running on Day-1 and how to progress?

4) Watched YouTube videos and tried fitness apps but none of them kept me intrigued for long enough to see any results

5) Living a hectic life and have no idea on how to integrate fitness into my existing lifestyle?

Well, you are not alone! More than 70 Lakhs Indians try to start their fitness journey each year but only 30% of them actually continue after the first 2 months.

The biggest problem is that we fail to understand that everyone has a different fitness journey.

People don’t realise that their fitness journey fundamentally depends on their fitness goals and current fitness ability.

For example, consider the following scenarios:

1) Imagine a runner ONLY lifting weights rather than focusing on improving running endurance

2) Imagine a weight-lifter doing MORE cardio and high-intensity exercises than training his muscles

3) Imagine you start performing the exercises WITHOUT perfecting the form of an exercise to get injured and drop out

By learning what your body is capable of doing now, you will be able to see how much better you have gotten a few months down the road. It is very important to know if you are doing the right training for the right cause.

Example: Don’t you agree when we say you will have to train like Virat Kohli to become like Virat Kohli.

So you might already know what your fitness goal is, such as losing weight, gaining muscle or increasing cardiovascular endurance, etc. But how to know what’s your current fitness ability?

It happens through Fitness assessment. Fitness assessment should be your first step towards starting your fitness journey.

If you are wondering how just ask yourself:

1) What’s stopping you from achieving a marathon in your desired time.

2) What’s stopping you from gaining good muscle even after doing a regular workout.

3) What’s stopping you from maintaining good balance and flexibility while carrying out Yoga.

Ultimately, by knowing where exactly you stand, you gradually improve on your weaknesses on a regular basis with targeted exercises and thus achieving results.

While fitness tracking devices such as bands and apps can give you information related to your progress, you only realize that it is of no use as you don’t actually know how to evaluate yourself properly.

Statistically, people who know how to identify and work on their weaknesses, as well as track their progress periodically are 65% more likely to achieve optimal results.

So are you curious to know about fitness assessment and how it can help you as an individual?

Fitness assessment helps to:

1) Offer a comprehensive breakdown of your fitness ability on key measurable parameters.

2) Calculate your health age and health risks

3) Define the personalised fitness plan that will work for you

4) Decide how to achieve various milestones of your fitness journey.

More details on fitness assessment and key measurable parameters involved would be discussed in detail in our next blog.

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