Understand Fitness Assessment Parameter - Strength

Chetan Reddy
Jan 25, 2021
3 min read

In my previous blogs, I have put together thoughts on fitness assessment and the key parameters of a fitness assessment.

In this article, we will get into more details about why Parameter 1: Strength is important for assessment.

Fun fact- Did you know strength is a very important contributor to fat loss?

1) Firstly, what is Muscular strength?

It is the amount of force a muscle group can exert at one time. For a lot of fitness enthusiasts, strength is very important to lift more. However, for beginners and non-fitness enthusiasts, I would like to emphasize that strength is very important for even your basic daily activities such as lifting your bag or even sitting on a chair.

Muscular Strength can be improved by performing multiple physical activities. Scientifically, it is known that when you provide resistance to your muscles through any kind of activity, it could be even as simple as walking for a mile, it helps in improving your strength.

So if you are wondering what are the other benefits of strength apart from moving and lifting, here are some notable ones:1) It will help you carry out your day to day functional activities without getting tired2) Lot of issues occurring due to a sedentary lifestyle such as back pain etc can be reversed by improving overall muscular strength3) Psychologically it makes you feel more confident around people4) It reduces your stress to help you sleep well5) One last important benefit of gaining strength is FAT LOSS — You read that right. As per various real-life studies, after strength training, your muscles get damaged. And to repair this damaged muscle, your body is constantly burning calories.

2) How to become strong?

As discussed above, there are multiple exercises you can perform regularly to become strong. For instance, if you want stronger arms you can perform some biceps or triceps exercises twice a week. Similarly, if you want stronger legs you can perform exercises involving your quads, hamstrings, and calves twice a week.And so on...

The idea being, provide enough resistance to your muscles to become stronger. When you stop feeling resistance, keep increasing the intensity.

Well, everyone has their own choice of exercises. For some, lifting dumbbells is more fun while for others it could be carrying out bodyweight or resistance band exercises. For some people, Yoga is a go-to-option to gain strength along with flexibility. I will leave that up to you to decide.

3) How do we know if we are getting stronger?

Before we even get into it, let me highlight that STRONG IS NOT SAME AS BIG.There is a huge misconception that leaner people are weak. Well, that is not true. In fact, sometimes it’s much harder to stay lean and strong as compared to being huge.

Gone are the days when people wanted to look like Dwayne Johnson.

This is very important because currently, very few forms of fitness activities have some way to track strength. With activities such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, etc, you can count and track your time or steps or laps to understand how well you are progressing. But, there is no right way to measure if you are actually getting stronger.

Let me ask you a question: If you have to tell me how strong you have become in your last month of active fitness, how would you show me or tell me?

If you think you can show me a picture then trust me it is not good enough. I think this is also a fundamental problem with the fitness. People start their fitness journey with very high motivation to drop out within 30 days because they don’t “look” stronger or feel stronger yet.

What if there is a way through which we can tell you how strong you are getting on a weekly basis right from Day-1?

What if there is a way to show you that you are getting stronger even while you are sleeping?

That is exactly why we are carrying out fitness assessments at BurnCal. Know your fitness ability today. Know where you stand today so that we can also show you how strong you are getting over a period of time.

Don’t you think periodic assessments will motivate you to continue your fitness journey?

You could also boast amongst your friends! Well, that is something I would definitely love to do. Waking up to share my metrics with a friend saying catch up, yo!

This is what is missing in the current format and we are re-defining it. Try out how it feels like to workout with numbers.

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