Understand Fitness Assessment Parameter - Mobility

Chetan Reddy
Mar 16, 2021
3 min read

In my previous blogs, I have put together thoughts on fitness assessment and the key parameters of a fitness assessment.

In this article, we will get into more details about our final parameter why Mobility (Parameter 5) is important for BurnCal Fitness Assessment.

Before I get into the scientific explanation of this parameter let me point out one nice observation to help you understand the concept well.

If you have been playing FIFA on your PS/XBOX or if you are someone playing real football, have you noticed something called agility in the player stats?Higher the agility, the smoother the player moves. Imagine Messi vs Ronaldo.Everyone agrees that Messi moves smoothly across the field, right? No wonder Messi has a 91 rating in agility and Ronaldo has 87.

He's the Best”- Kylian Mbappe Changes His Mind in the GOAT Debate -  EssentiallySports

This is often less talked about in the fitness industry as people get confused between flexibility and mobility.

As discussed in my previous blog, flexibility essentially means the ability to flex your muscles through a certain range of motion freely.

A lot of people wondered what if my range of motion isn’t proper due to issues related to your form? Well, that is exactly what mobility is about. If you are someone who faces issues related to having the right form during an exercise and also unable to get the full range of motion, mobility is the parameter here to be assessed.

Most of the time why common people have mobility issues is because of the sedentary lifestyle of sitting in a chair or in front of your computers without moving much during the day.

More details now, please?!

1) What is even mobility?

Mobility by definition means the ability of your joints to move actively through a range of motion. I repeat “the ability of joints”. Flexibility was “the ability of muscles to flex”. Meaning doing the same set of exercises for both of them is not going to do any benefit to your fitness levels.

Mobility Vs. Flexibility: Clearing Up The Confusion 👉 GMB Fitness

2) What are the advantages of good mobility?

As I mentioned in the beginning, if you belong to the general population category, it will help you with improving your range of motion helping you to break your plateaus and have better exercise performance injury-free. If you are into sports or dance or such kind of fast-moving activities, good mobility is going to play a very major role to help you do things seamlessly causing everyone else to look struggling. Few more important ones below:

  1. De-stressing- As per the recent studies, integrating mobility training into your routines help you reduce your stress and helps you keep calm
  2. Variety- If you are someone just lifting, adding mobility exercises can help you improve your technique and make your exercises less boring
  3. Injuries- If you are someone recovered from back/knee or shoulder injuries, mobility training is the best way to slowly start getting back to your routine by making your muscles less stiff
  4. Sports- As discussed above, improving agility by doing mobility training shows amazing results for people playing sports like football, hockey, rugby etc

3) How can you improve your mobility?

There are several ways of improving mobility. Some of the well-known ones are:

Strong and Lean in 2015 Workout Demo: Mobility Only

  1. Foam Rolling
  2. Specific exercises such as circles, spine rotations,deep squats etc
  3. Resistance band based exercises
  4. Animal flow/Yoga flows
What Is Animal Flow? | POPSUGAR Fitness

4) How would you know if your mobility is getting better?

As discussed above, confused between flexibility and mobility to overwork certain muscles/joints is a dangerous strategy. It is very easy to pick up flexibility-based exercises online or an app thinking it will help your agility too. BUT THAT IS NOT CORRECT.

If you are already in sports and especially something like football, won’t you have more fun doing smooth nutmegs, freestyle tricks, etc on the ground to show what you have got in your boots?

That is where BurnCal Fitness Assessment comes in. We strongly believe that the best way to know if you are getting better is to know where exactly you stand today. Because then it is easy to integrate exercises and plans that would ensure we travel this journey in a very trackable manner.

If you feel you want to know your mobility today, take your first step.