Understand Fitness Assessment Parameter - Balance

Chetan Reddy
Mar 10, 2021
3 min read

In my previous blogs, I have put together thoughts on fitness assessment and the key parameters of a fitness assessment.

In this article, we will get into more details about why Balance (Parameter 4) is important for BurnCal Fitness Assessment.

Ever wondered how people do skiing, skateboarding, and surfing, etc so seamlessly? Isn’t it too cool to do those activities without falling down? While many of us think, “They just practice a lot” there is actually so much more to it.  The secret sauce here is the Balance!

Well, even if you don’t like those activities, a lot of our day-to-day activities unknowingly depend on this crucial parameter called Balance. Try walking on an uneven surface without falling down to get a better understanding of what balance is.

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Let me talk about some more serious stuff here. Over a  million people in our country every year slip, trip, and get injured every year. Having a good balance can reduce your chances of falling down by improving your coordination and reaction time both when you are working out and also while you are performing your day-to-day activities.

Time to get into details now!

1) What is balance?

Balance by definition means the ability to stay in a position or control your body movement in a particular position. Balance can be both static and dynamic. For example, the example of surfing I had given in the beginning is relevant for dynamic balance. Movements like yoga poses are considered static balance.

2) What are the advantages of good balance?

As I mentioned, it is very important to have good balance to carry out your basic functional movements safely without falling down. Especially for people doing Yoga, this is a very critical parameter along with the flexibility to ensure they do the asanas safely.  Let us also look at some more good advantages of having a good balance:

  1. Avoid injuries- Most of the time ankle sprains occur due to bad balance.
  2. Get smarter- As per the recent studies, people working on their balance and coordination are known to activate their brains in a way that actually improves their cognitive benefits
  3. Avoid falls- As explained earlier, as you get old, having bad balances increases your chances of falling down leading to severe health complications. So start working today!
  4. Reaction and Response- People in sports gain so many benefits by improving their reaction and response time on the field. Badminton especially requires you to have good balance and coordination to perform well.

3) How can you improve your balance?

There are several ways of improving balance. Some of the popular ways as suggested by science:

  1. Doing a tree pose by interchanging legs
  2. Sitting and standing from a chair without using hands
  3. Single leg standing by moving your opposite leg parallelly or behind
  4. Walking in a straight line
  5. Doing Taichi exercises

4) How would you know if your balance is getting better?

While it is easy to do random balance exercises based on the general content available over the internet, it is very important for you to choose the right set of exercises that would help you improve your balance over a period of time.

While you may decide to just go skiing or snowboarding to find it out, maybe that is not the wisest thing to do. But if you become good at balance, you can certainly go to the Himalayas and do your snowboarding at ease!

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That is where BurnCal Fitness Assessment comes in. We strongly believe that the best way to know if you are getting better is to know where exactly you stand today. Because then it is easy to integrate exercises and plans that would ensure we travel this journey in a very trackable manner.

If you feel you want to know your balance today, take your first step.