“Discipline, and accountability are the cornerstones to a healthier self”, says Snigdha

Sep 24, 2021
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The mind-body connection is undeniable. Fitness is not only about your body, it’s also about the mind. As they say, “a healthy mind stays in a healthy body”, it’s extremely essential to take care of our physical as well as mental well-being to lead a balanced life.

Indulging in healthy habits and making positive lifestyle changes can work wonders. Want to know how? Here's how Snigdha Tiwari managed to reclaim her physical and mental health.

Life Before BurnCal

Snigdha is 19 and is pursuing her engineering. Snigdha recalls her as a fat kid during her school days. It was only in the 11th grade that she started working out. She loved running and also enjoyed doing cardio exercises. Though she was never consistent with exercising, it helped her shed some extra pounds. It was all going well until she began to experience severe lower back pain. She consulted a doctor and took physiotherapy sessions, but it could only fix the pain temporarily. “The wrong set of exercises and incorrect posture was the culprit”, said the doctor. Her physical health took a toll on her mental well-being and her anxiety levels were beyond her control.

She recalls, “ I used to sit slouching my back for 15 hours at a stretch every day. Physical activity levels were almost nil. Some days, I did some cardio exercises but never did strength training, as a result of which my back muscles grew weaker. Another mistake I made was not seeking the guidance of a certified fitness trainer. I kept working out referring to the internet without understanding whether it was right for me”.

In addition to this, her eating habits were also not so healthy. Though eating out was only occasional, she loved having her coffee with loads of milk and sugar and also binged upon instant noodles often. She couldn’t keep a check on her calories and was not happy with the readings on the weighing machine.

Joining BurnCal

Snigdha was battling her physical and mental low for quite some time now and was looking for a personal fitness coach. At this juncture, she got to know about BurnCal through a social media platform. The idea of 1:1 personalized fitness offered by BurnCal intrigued her to join the platform.

Making Positive Lifestyle Changes

When Snigdha joined BurnCal, her primary motto was to get relief from the annoying back pain that hindered her day-to-day life. She could neither concentrate on her studies nor could she give a hundred percent to her internship projects.

After joining BurnCal, her daily routine has become more structured in terms of food, workouts, and sleep. She has started taking quick breaks after every one hour and walks around her house and does some stretching exercises. She has become regular with her workouts and ensures to work out for an hour daily. She has also started doing strength training to build her muscle strength.

Coming to her dietary changes, she has reduced the amount of sugar and milk in her coffee and has also started having sufficient protein in her daily diet. The day she eats out, she makes sure to compensate for the extra calories in the consecutive days.

How Coach Megha Has Helped Her on Her Fitness Journey

“Megha is very supportive. She motivates me to be consistent with my workouts and monitors my progress regularly. She guided me on my diet and worked on my posture correction during workouts which significantly reduced my backache.

It’s because of Megha’s friendly nature that I could open up to her regarding my anxiety issues. She helped me learn the importance of self-care”, says Snigdha

Changes Experienced

“With time, I have started feeling better. Regular workouts have brightened my mood and I could overcome anxiety. The quality of my sleep has improved and I now wake up fresh in the morning and feel enthusiastic about the day ahead. The back pain has reduced significantly. This has improved my concentration levels and I am able to focus better on my work-life as well as studies. I also feel fitter and more energetic. My clothes fit better as I am also on my way to losing some weight healthfully.”

What’s Snigdha’s Secret Sauce to Achieve Her Fitness Goals

“Consistency, discipline, and accountability are the cornerstones to a healthier self”, says Snigdha.

She charted a schedule for her daily workouts and ensured to stick to it. A 10 minutes break to do some stretches after every one hour of sitting helped her lessen the back pain considerably. Taking good care of herself boosted her confidence and helped her stay cheerful and positive.

Snigdha’s Fitness Mantra

“In the beginning, it is difficult to set the pace right. But one needs to be self-motivated, have patience and keep going. I have made fitness an integral part of my lifestyle”, says Snigdha.

Snigdha has made positive lifestyle changes and is overwhelmed with the progress. What about you? Get BurnCal Fitness Membership to set on your fitness journey.