“Commitment and Consistency are essential to achieve one’s fitness goals” says Dhrupad

Jul 15, 2021
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Like any other sphere of life, the key elements that drive success in one’s fitness journey are commitment, consistency, and patience. You might have access to the best nutrition and workout plans but, it’s ultimately your discipline that plays a key role to reach your fitness goal. The right guidance and motivation of your coach are also of great importance as it makes your fitness journey more exciting.

Here’s our BurnCal player Dhrupad’s story about how commitment and patience, along with his coach’s guidance, helped him on his way to a healthy living.

Life Before joining BurnCal

Dhrupad is 35 and runs his own business. He remembers being a fat kid in his childhood. He didn't indulge in physical activity much and used to binge often. Gradually, as he grew up, he became conscious about maintaining good health and started with some workouts and even joined a gym. But, it was never consistent.

Before joining BurnCal, he neither had a fixed meal plan nor a workout regime. Moreover, he even couldn’t maintain his regular meal timings due to his work schedules. Living with his partner, managing work and household chores made him tired and cooking on top of that used to be extremely difficult. Eating out thrice a week was a regular practice for him then.

The Transformation Journey

It all started when he came across an Instagram advertisement about BurnCal, wherein he got to know about the Early Access Program. What appealed to him was access to a personal trainer who would chart customized diet and workout plans at an affordable price. Moreover, BurnCal’s ideology of offering a habit-building experience backed by technology intrigued him to join BurnCal.

Prior to being a BurnCal player, he had followed several fitness programs. Tried doing home workouts using various equipment like jumping ropes, kettlebells, and other weights. But, he had never been able to make working out a habit. Eating right was something he always wanted to do but, somehow, couldn’t manage to do so.

After joining BurnCal, under the guidance of his coach Megha Telang, he has been able to inculcate the habit of eating right and do regular workouts. He started eating right and on time. He now makes sure of having a balanced diet and works out 6 days a week. He even does strength training at home under the guidance of his BurnCal coach. His workouts include jumping ropes, planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, squats, and burpees.

“Initially, I could plank only for 10 seconds but, now I am able to hold it for 45 seconds and I am confident to reach the one-minute mark soon”, says Dhrupad. He says that he feels more confident now and is gradually building up endurance. And, the proofs are many as earlier he had a weaker gut, back, and scapula, but now with the customized workouts, he finds a significant improvement in overall strength.

“When I started off, it was difficult and I had to push myself to work out for 30 minutes. But now, I thoroughly enjoy my one-hour workout session”, says Dhrupad.

How His Coach Is Helping Him to Reach His Fitness Goals

“Megha has been very flexible in chalking out my nutrition and workout plans. She understands my body type, eating habits, and lifestyle and makes plans which are just right for me”, says Dhrupad. He quotes an instance wherein he was a little uncomfortable in walking 10K steps every day and how Megha substituted it with jumping rope (his favourite workout) to make it enjoyable for him. His health issues and past injuries were also taken care of while designing a workout plan for him.

Under her guidance, he feels motivated to eat right and do regular workouts as she explains in detail the benefits of including a particular food item or doing a certain activity. “She always insists upon taking good rest and ensures I don’t feel exhausted, provides alternatives for food and workouts, and emphasizes being consistent”, says Dhrupad.

He appreciates the amount of detailed information she provides for every workout right from correct breathing to the posture and its benefits. The regular feedback from his coach on his improvements pumps in that extra amount of energy and keeps him going with sheer enthusiasm.

What Coach Megha Has to Say About Dhrupad

Dhrupad is very dedicated to his workout and very disciplined with his food and diet, which is why he got visible results in just 2 months. Moreover, his love for jump rope is next level. He already does around 700 jump skips daily apart from his daily workouts.

He is the one who gives importance to habit formation over random weight loss, which every individual needs to understand.

How Dhrupad Feels About Burncal

"I signed up for making fitness a habit and I am elated that I am successful in achieving it in just a span of 3 months"- Dhrupad

“Burncal has made me realize how easy it is to access a qualified trainer who guides you and provides you with insights about the food and workout that is just right for you”, adds Dhrupad.

He feels that the privilege of having access to a personal coach from the convenience of your home and getting the right education about everything you need to know about healthy living is simply superb.

Dhrupad’s Fitness Mantra

He thinks that being honest with yourself, persistent with your workouts, and being patient with your choice is what essential to achieve one’s fitness goals”

“My fitness mantra is the 3Ds- Dedication, discipline, and devotion”, says he. Being consistent with his diet and workout plans has also helped him significantly.

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