“BurnCal drove me to a systematic approach towards fitness”, says Ajit Bhaskar

Feb 17, 2022
3 min read

Are you one of those who prioritized ‘Health Goals’ in your 2022 New Year resolution list?

Remember it now? Well, nothing to be embarrassed about as many of us are sailing the same boat!

There is no doubt that we all want to be fit and healthy. But, what many of us struggle with is having fitness integrated in our lifestyles. Right from lack of motivation to not being able to find purpose, or lack of discipline; we all have our own demons to fight.. 

What’s the solution then?

Well, finding your purpose of getting fit and healthy and having clear thoughts that drive you towards your health goals can actually solve the purpose. And that’s how BurnCal member Ajit Bhaskar has successfully ventured into his fitness journey. Let me take you through his exciting journey.

Life Before Joining BurnCal

Ajit Bhaskar, a scientist, joined BurnCal one and a half months ago. He loves to run and has been participating in several marathons. The only physical activity he indulged himself in was running. No wonder, it got monotonous for him after a while.

With the zeal to try something new, Ajit tried HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) classes but discontinued them shortly. After a break, he even started hitting the gym, but then with the onset of the pandemic, like many others, he too was forced to discontinue going to the gym.

He was left with no other option other than running to stay fit, but soon realized that it didn’t cater to his all-round fitness. He aimed at partnering with a fitness platform that could help him have a holistic approach for overall well-being.

What Intrigued Ajit to Join BurnCal

Going back to the pre-Covid times, juggling between the responsibilities at work and home, it wasn’t easy for Ajit to hit the gym regularly. So, he was looking for an online fitness platform to have the privilege of anywhere anytime access to fitness. And finally one day his wife introduced him to BurnCal.

“I filled the online registration form and the BurnCal team reached out to me that very same day. How prompt! I was impressed. I had a discussion with my fitness coach, the plan that suited my health goals was chalked out and that’s it, I kickstarted my fitness journey with BurnCal. It was that simple”, recalls Ajit.

Changes Experienced

“BurnCal has helped me understand the dimensions of fitness to the core. My coach Ram has given me a clear understanding of how it exactly works, that it’s not only about running and how proper diet and strength training are equally important for overall fitness”, says Ajit.

Unlike the past, wherein I just clocked miles, I have a structured approach towards fitness now. I have a better knowhow of what I am doing and how it’s going to help me achieve my health goals. I do alternate days running to burn fat and the other days I do strength training using weights to strengthen my muscles. I also have a balanced diet and keep a check on my calorie intake. 

The results are rocking! I lost 2.5 kgs in the last 1.5 months. My clothes fit better and I feel more confident.

Coach Ram’s contribution to Ajit’s Fitness Journey

Ram has been a true mentor. He is approachable and wows me with his in-depth knowledge of health and fitness. He answers my doubts and explains to me the science behind my workouts. This has immensely helped me to be consistent”, says Ajit.

The best thing about Ram is that he never imposes anything, rather he customizes my diet as well as workouts focusing on my health goals and invests ample time in chalking out a sustainable plan.

Ajit’s Fitness Mantra

“I firmly believe in “Purpose Drives People”. Fitness is an enabling factor for me to seek joy and peace of mind”, says Ajit. He emphasizes on the importance of introspection that helps one to zero down on the purpose of considering fitness as a life goal.

So, if you are finding it difficult to find your purpose when it comes to fitness, sit back, relax, declutter your mind and ask yourself, how fitness is gonna make a difference in your life. I am sure you will find an answer.

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