“Being consistent with my workouts and diet has improved my well-being", says Rithik

Oct 12, 2021
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We all dream to live a healthy life, but many of us fail to do so. Is it the lifestyle that is the real culprit? Well, the statistics say so. Around 75% of the global population is affected by lifestyle diseases. The radical changes in diet and lifestyle of people are attributable to the alarming situation.

It’s time to act wisely! Making healthy lifestyle choices is the key to overall well-being. Here’s the story of BurnCal player, Rithik Kothari which is a testimony to the said fact. Let’s discover how.  

Life Before Joining BurnCal.

Rithik Kothari is 22 and is a copywriter. Owing to his profession he mostly had a sedentary lifestyle. Though he loved going for a run sometimes for being physically active, he was not very consistent with his gym workouts.

He had irregular meal timings and was not paying much attention to nutrition and health. Eating out frequently and bingeing on fast food was a regular affair. “I used to eat anything and everything without even thinking about its nutritional value or calorie content”, says Rithik.

This kind of lifestyle was taking a toll on his overall health and fitness.

What Intrigued Rithik to Join BurnCal

I was looking for a fitness solution that would help streamline my life activities with my fitness goals. I never wanted to jump into something that is not right for me. So, I was also looking for pro guidance in terms of nutrition and workouts. It was then, my brother introduced me to BurnCal.

The factor that intrigued me to join BurnCal is that the platform is not only about workouts but it offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses the overall well-being of an individual. In addition to it, there comes the personalization factor. The approach wherein a thorough assessment of an individual is done before providing guidance regarding nutrition, workouts and other lifestyle changes is impeccable.

Changes Experienced

“My fitness goal is to build strength and endurance and I am making gradual and steady progress towards it”, says Rithik. After joining BurnCal, under the guidance of coach Mahesh Arangil, Rithik has become more disciplined and consistent in terms of diet as well as workouts. These days, he has become more conscious about what he eats and is following a healthy diet consistently. He now exercises 6 days a week as compared to 2-3 days earlier.

He is including a lot of fruits and green veggies in his daily diet. Also, food like oats and yogurt are a regular part of his meals. Having a protein and fiber-rich diet is helping him build muscles.

“I now have much awareness about what I eat and started to care about the nutritional value of whatever I consume. Eating right has greatly helped me in getting rid of acne and mouth ulcers. I also feel more energetic and fit”, says Rithik. He recalls having junk food whenever he had a craving. But now, if at all he needs to eat out, he ensures to make healthy food choices.

Before joining BurnCal, he mostly focused on bodyweight strength training as he was not much sure about weight training. “Mahesh has charted a workout plan that focuses on gradually scaling the intensity and difficulty level of the exercises. I now work out using weights like dumbbells and barbells without any fear of injuries. And, I must say that the transition has been very smooth and easy”, says Rithik.

Making small lifestyle changes has helped me focus on my work better and lead a healthy life.

Coach Mahesh Arangil’s Contribution in His Fitness Journey

Mahesh has been a great coach. His daily check-in nudges me to follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly. He has been very cooperative and provides doable alternatives. He has been with me throughout, right from goal planning to an in-depth fitness assessment and chalking out a personalized workout and nutrition plan for me.

What Coach Mahesh Arangil Thinks About Rithik

Rithik has been with me for the last 2 months now. His biggest achievement so far is being super consistent with his workouts.

When he joined BurnCal he used to be a little inconsistent. But, today he is one of my most consistent members. He never misses a workout and shows up 6 times a week.

He started with a very basic at-home strength and conditioning program for about 6 weeks and then looking at his progress and consistency I put him on a more advanced gym strength program. He is doing great now. Going forward we are focusing more on overall strength development and muscle building.

Rithik’s Fitness Mantra

“Discipline and Consistency are the keys to achieve one’s fitness goals”, claims Rithik. “There will be days when you feel lazy or want to chill out, but you need to be focused and show up, what may be. And, I have seen the results of being disciplined”, he says.

Having clarity of his health goals and being self-driven has paved the path of his successful fitness journey so far.

What He Likes the Most About Burncal

My fitness journey wouldn't have kickstarted the way it has, thanks to BurnCal!

“BurnCal has been a true accountability partner. Its people-driven approach sets it apart from other players in the industry. The high touch point personalization and regular check-ins by the coach are extremely motivating”, exclaims Rithik.

Rithik’s fitness journey has been extremely fulfilling and he looks forward to a long association with BurnCal.

What about you?

If you too are looking for a comprehensive fitness solution to kickstart your fitness journey, do reach out to us.