“Being Consistent has helped me lose 10 Kg in just 70 days”, says Manohar

Oct 20, 2021
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Today our lifestyle is mostly sedentary and unhealthy eating has become an inevitable part of our lives. The pandemic has added to this. It has affected our day-to-day lives in unprecedented ways. Most of us work from home these days and have limited physical activities. This has taken a toll on our overall health. This sudden change in our lifestyles has impacted our diet and sleep patterns. Many of us have gained extra pounds and some are even suffering from hypertension, anxiety, and depression.

Taking care of our physical as well as mental well-being is absolutely essential to navigate these tough times.

Staying motivated in such a scenario seems difficult right?

Here’s how BurnCal player, Manohar Kanapaka managed to cope up with adversities and is marching steadily to his fitness goals.

Life Before Joining BurnCal

Manohar is 29 and is a working professional. Before joining BurnCal, he mostly led a sedentary lifestyle, however, sometimes he managed to go for a run and even participated in 5K and 10K marathons. But, like most of us, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic confined him to home and his physical activity almost stagnated.

This affected his health adversely and in July 2021, during a regular health check-up, he found his weight to be 95 kg. This was an eye-opener for Manohar. He decided to embark on his fitness journey. He took up tennis to drive himself out of the physical slumber and parallelly started looking for a fitness solution. He also subscribed to a fitness platform but didn’t find the results satisfactory and his search continued.

Manohar’s Transformation Journey

While Manohar was looking for a fitness solution, he got to know about BurnCal on a social media platform. The customization factor and a pace that matched his comfort and was aligned to his fitness goals intrigued him to get associated with BurnCal.

Manohar is overwhelmed with his transformation in such a short span of time. He is happy that he is making healthy lifestyle choices these days and the results are fulfilling.

“I had almost no physical activity in the last 2 years due to Covid. Now, I play tennis for an hour and do a one-hour workout focused on strength and conditioning every day. Also, my consistency has improved a lot as I work out 6 days a week. Earlier, I mostly did running which sometimes felt monotonous and I used to skip it. Nowadays, I enjoy my workouts thoroughly. I do a variety of exercises, among which planks, push-ups, and burpees are my favorites”, says Manohar.

Being a food lover, Manohar not only loves to eat but usually used to have large meals. He felt, eating relieved him from stress and made him feel good. This largely contributed to his weight gain. However, things have changed for him now. He is able to do portion control and eat right.

“I had tried a few fad diets earlier, but nothing worked out for me. I was looking for a sustainable solution. Thanks to team BurnCal! These days, I am more conscious about what I eat and keep an eye on the nutritional value of whatever I consume. I am happy that I have become more aware lately and make healthy food choices. And, if at all I deviate from the regime, for instance, if I eat a samosa, I ensure I burn those extra calories. Working out regularly is a stress buster for me and prevents me from binge eating”, says Manohar.

Coach Simran Mendon’s Contribution to Manohar’s Transformation

Simran has been very supportive throughout my journey. Her regular check-ins motivate me to be consistent with my fitness routine. Her suggestions on the diet part have been extremely helpful. The way she guides me with detailed posture for each and every workout, makes me feel confident about performing them without the fear of injuries. I am extremely happy with the pace with which she is driving me towards my fitness goal. We are progressing gradually and have been scaling the intensity of my workouts lately.

Changes Experienced

I am glad that I could lose 10 kg in just 70 days. Throughout my journey, I have been never asked to push harder and the transformation is 100 percent organic. It would not have been possible without the guidance of my BurnCal coach, Simran Mendon.

The lifestyle changes I have made have helped me lead a better quality of life. Like having lighter evening meals help me sleep better, regular workouts have boosted my energy levels and have improved endurance. Also, my stress levels have reduced significantly. Overall, I feel good about myself.

Manohar’s Fitness Mantra

“Fitness is not something to be achieved in a day. Setting your health goal, and being patient and consistent with your journey is the key to success”, says Manohar. He suggests that one should plan well, make strategies, and execute them to achieve one’s fitness goals. According to him, accountability is also an essential factor to reach one’s fitness goals.

The Way Ahead

BurnCal has been a true accountability partner in my fitness journey and I look forward to a long association with the team.

“I wish to strike off weight loss from my new year resolution list and look forward to losing another 10 kg in the next 3 months”, says Manohar candidly.

We look forward to helping his dream come true!

If you too aspire to embark on your fitness journey, we would love to help you. Register for BurnCal Fitness Membership and get access to the most personalized online fitness solution ever.