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Fitness Coaching 

Every single year, millions and millions of people try to get fit. Despite having so many options such as Gyms, video streaming and 1000s of fitness apps, a small fraction of them continue to workout for more than a few months.

We believe the biggest reason why most people drop out is due to a lack of personal attention and accountability. Success in the fitness journey can only be assured by a Personal Fitness Coach who handholds them and acts upon key personalized Data.

But Personal Training is expensive and non-scalable.

That's where BurnCal comes in!

Our Team

BurnCal is founded by a team of elite fitness coaches and serial entrepreneurs who are alumni of IIT and BITS. Their common passion for fitness lead them to come together and build their dream company.  


Anik Agrawal


Head of Marketing


Chetan Reddy


Head of Fitness


Mit Mehta

Founding Team Member

Head of Business & Operations


Vichar Shroff


Head of Product


Kunal Agrawal


Head of Technology


Heman Walia

Founding Team Member

Lead Software Developer

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"Don't tell people how to do things, tell them what to do & let them surprise you with their results"

-Phil Knight (Founder, Nike)

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BurnCal is on a mission to revolutionize the fitness industry. We can't do it alone! 


We are on a constant lookout for highly passionate individuals who are always ready to go off-limit with us.

We emphasize a constant learning attitude and believe in giving freedom to explore your creativity and talent.