Join 21 days Fat burner
 Starting Date : 15th November, 2021


You’ve been trying to lose weight, get in shape, look leaner, feel better; but none of your efforts have really paid off?
Or maybe you haven’t been able to stay committed to your fitness routine, because there’s no one holding you accountable.
If any of this resonates with you, then the “21 DAY FAT BURNER” from BurnCal is For You.

What’s inside the 21 DAYS FAT BURNER?


What is 21 Days Weekly Exercise Plan?

WEEK 1  :  Show up!

WEEK 2 : Keep Going!

WEEK 3  :  Feel The Change!

What exactly can you expect from the 21 DAYS FAT BURNER?

They say that it takes 21 days to form a habit. But it’s those 21 days that are the toughest.
Improved flexibility
Enhanced Strength
Better balance and Mobility
Glowing Skin
Hormonal Balance
Better Metabolism
Habit Formation
You’ll train your body to metabolize a lot of that extra fat, even when you’re resting! Once this begins to happen, not only will you be able to get in shape more easily, you’ll also be able to stay in shape with just a little bit of effort. A better metabolism means you’ll also start to feel more energetic and upbeat about life.
Why are we only working out 3 days a week?
Rigorous daily workouts can be too tedious when you’re just starting out; and you’re more likely to give up if you stretch yourself to the limits. After each workout, you’re likely to feel a little sore, and we want you to have enough time for your muscles to repair and recover. In fact, when you’re starting out, it can even be harmful to indulge in high intensity exercise every day.
What happens on the remaining days?
The remaining days are structured rest days. On the ‘rest days’, our coaches will still keep you active and give you low to moderate intensity practices for calmness, balance, and rejuvenation.
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