BurnCal combines human expertise along with computer vision to automatically check your form, count your reps and hold you accountable while you workout.

1-on-1 with Elite Personal Trainer


Workout Tracking using Computer Vision

Personal Trainer

Personalized Workout and Diet plan

BurnCal connects with you with an elite trainer that will be best suited for your needs.


We believe one-size-fit-all model does not work in fitness.

Realtime Feedback during Workout

Our proprietary technology tracks 20 key joints of human body using a simple phone or laptop camera.

We provide corrective posture feedback, count your repetitions and motivate you just like having a personal trainer beside you.


Progress Tracking Through Key Data

BurnCal tracks your performance of each workout and automatically sends a report to your personal trainer.

This builds accountability and helps the trainer to customize your workout plan on the go.

Fitness Challenges with Friends

BurnCal fitness challenges are fun and automatically calculates your score based on your performance 


Not with just friends and family, but you can compete on a global leaderboard.


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